K9 Connection is Australia’s one-stop destination for dog breeders and dog buyers.

We are passionate dog breeders who noticed a huge gap in the market when trying to find a place online to unite the dog breeding and buying communities. While there were a few small, disparate platforms to find dog breeders in Australia and others to buy dogs online, what was lacking was one single platform which enabled dog breeders to search and list dog studs, and also for buyers to find puppies and dogs for purchase online.

We found that to search for dog breeders online, we would often have to trawl a Google search, visit every breeder’s individual website for dog stud listings, and then manually contact the breeder via their website and wait for a response. This meant keeping track of numerous dog breeders and enquiries, and hoping that the stud information on the website was up to date.

This would also place a huge time burden on dog breeders themselves, as they needed to maintain and update their websites to keep the dog stud listings current.

Similarly, for buyers looking to purchase a dog online, this could mean sorting through countless dog listings on a number of different websites, a lot of them without effective sorting and filtering options which could mean hours of searching to find your perfect canine.

We are experienced breeders with years in the industry, so we know what breeders and buyers are looking for when it comes to quality canines that are second to none when it comes to health, structure and temperament.

Our goal with K9 Connection was to create a single platform that not only united breeders searching for studs, and those listing dog studs for sale, but also as breeders listing puppies and dogs for sale, and those looking for the newest canine addition to the family!

K9 Connection is the best way to connect with breeders & buyers.